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Store Amazon.com in CIS

Store Amazon.com

Selecting and purchasing goods on Amazon.com with delivery to your country (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others).

Amazon online store http://amazondelivery.linefor.com/amazon-internet-shop
Amazon store http://amazondelivery.linefor.com/amazon-shop
How to buy at Amazon http://amazondelivery.linefor.com/how-to-buy
Amazon books http://amazondelivery.linefor.com/amazon-books
Description of Amazon (Amazon.com) http://amazondelivery.linefor.com/description-amazon
Buy on Amazon. Delivery of goods in Russia and Ukraine http://amazondelivery.linefor.com/buy-on-amazon
Register at Amazon.com. Step-by-step instruction http://amazondelivery.linefor.com/register-amazon
Register at Amazon.com http://amazondelivery.linefor.com/register-amazon-com
Register at Amazon.de. Instruction for registration on the website of the German branch of Amazon http://amazondelivery.linefor.com/register-amazon-de
Order from Amazon (Amazon.com ) http://amazondelivery.linefor.com/order-amazon

How to work with Amazon.com from the CIS countries

How to work with Amazon.com from the Russia and Ukraine (CIS countries)

Store Amazon.com

This section provides information about the most famous online store US amazon.com (Amazon Store), how to register to Amazon.com and purchase process in the United States and its branches in the UK and Germany, as well as the delivery of goods from Amazon in the US and Europe Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries.
- Amazon.com, Amazon in Russian registration and order in Amazon, purchase and delivery of Amazon,
- Officials in the USA Amazon site amazon.com, Germany amazon.de, UK amazon.co.uk.
- Amazon.com Shipping to Russia, Ukraine, Kazahsta, and Belarus and the CIS countries.
- Goods Amazon books, Amazon Kindle, electronics, and computers with delivery from the United States and Europe.

Cash purchases and delivery of goods Amazon.com


Cash purchases and delivery of goods Amazon.com

Amazon.com (Russian - Амазон) - the world's largest company in terms of turnover, selling goods and services via the Internet. The company gained success due to its unique corporate policy. Amazon.com (Amazon) first managed to exploit the potential of the Internet: the ability to handle a much larger number of clients than the usual stores and many more items of goods.

Internet store Amazon.com (Amazon) was established in July 1995, American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos and initially sold only books. In June 1998, the store began selling music recordings, and in November of the same year - a video production. Now Online shop Amazon.com (Amazon) covers dozens of categories of products, including books, computers and accessories, consumer electronics and appliances, clothes, toys, tools, sporting goods, and more.
Shop Amazon (Amazon) is rapidly gaining market e-commerce outside the US. Amazon successfully operates in Canada www.amazon.ca, UK www.amazon.co.uk, Germany www.amazon.de, Japan www.amazon.co.jp, www.amazon.fr France and China www.amazon. cn.
But despite this, many Internet markets - trading remain unaffected Amazon.com (Amazon). No exception is the Russian-speaking Internet users, who are deprived of the possibility to order and deliver the majority of goods from an online shop Amazon.com (Amazon) directly.

Service order and delivery from Amazon

Today, the issue of payment and delivery of goods from the online retailer Amazon.com solved. Service delivery Linefor carries payment and delivery of any goods from the online - shop Amazon.com (in Russian - Амазон) in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and others. The Russian-speaking users can order books, music and video, computers and accessories, consumer electronics and equipment, clothing, toys, tools, sporting goods and many other internet - shop Amazon.com (Rus. Amazon) with delivery to the CIS countries.

Also solved the problem of payment for users who wish to pay for your order online - shop Amazon.com (Amazon) convenient for them, which is not accepted for payment.

The ordering process is simplified to a minimum. To order online - shop Amazon.com (Amazon) takes only two steps: filling the order form online and add funds.

One of the most popular items on Amazon is Amazon Kindle. Order the purchase and delivery of e-book Amazon Kindle possible directly from this page.

How does Amazon mediator

1 You choose the goods in the store Amazon.com;
2 You copy links to products, place an order in the system of orders and pay it;
3 The operator places an order at the store, and its delivery to the stock in the United States or Germany;
4 After the arrival of the goods, the order is sent to your address service delivery.

Users of the service delivery Linefor have the opportunity to shop online - shop Amazon.com (Russian - Амазон) is more profitable. Take advantage of the offer for VIP customers and save up to 3% of the order in the online store Amazon.
You can significantly reduce shipping costs by ordering multiple products at the same time (it may be a few points of one product or different products, packed as one), in this case, means only the total weight of the parcel, regardless of the number of investments.
Service delivery Linefor provides a wide range of options for delivery of goods shop Amazon (eBey, Ebay) from Europe and the United States. Delivery Order from the online Amazon (Amazon) performed the world's leaders of international courier services, as well as public service delivery: Airmail (USPS AirMail Parcel Post), EMS (USPS Global Express Mail), Air Courier, Logistik Express, UK Air Courier, UK Logistic Express and etc.

Estimated delivery time of goods from Amazon.com (in working days):

Estimated delivery time of goods from Amazon.com (in working days):

Parcel delivery eBay and Amazon.com is performed: Airmail (USPS AirMail Parcel Post), EMS (USPS Global Express Mail), Air Courier, Logistik Express, UK Air Courier, UK Logistic Express and others.
- Delivery from Amazon US First Class Mail (US) 30 days after sending the parcel from the US
- Delivery from the US Airmail (US) 15-30 days after sending parcels from the USA
- Shipping US EMS (US) 7-15 days after we send parcels from the USA
- Delivery from the US DHL (USA) 5-7 days after we send parcels from the USA

Delivery of Amazon in Europe (Germany) in the CIS:
- Delivery from Amazon Germany, Deutsche Post (Europe) 15-20 days after sending parcels from a warehouse in Germany
- Delivery from Amazon Germany, Luftpost (Europe) 7-15 days after sending parcels from a warehouse in Germany

Service delivery Linefor also performs payment orders and delivery of goods from most of the existing online stores and auctions the US and Europe.

Linefor.com - buying service in all stores of the world

Linefor.com - Shopping in foreign online stores in the US and Europe - is a huge selection of products at prices that are much lower than in the shops of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, with express delivery EMS, DHL to your home or post office.

- Purchase and delivery of goods from all shops and auctions of the USA and Europe.
- Delivery of Amazon.com, eBay.com from the US to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and others.
- The lowest percentage of the market intermediary services for your purchase 5%.

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